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When something unexpected happens on site you need your emergency management teams to quickly establish what has happened, work through their first actions and determine the nature and scope of their response. You also need your crisis team to anticipate potential impacts to the business. We train your emergency teams, at all levels, to do exactly this.

We have developed competency frameworks and performance indicators that meet international standards and regulations (including COMAH Regulations) and align with the UK’s Concept for Emergency Management. We offer a range of courses, including Site Incident Controller (SIC) and Site Main Controller (SMC) roles; and strategic level courses for non-specialists who may be nominated as responders.

At all levels, we use a blend of theory and immersive experiential learning that is highly engaging and caters for all learning styles. Our highly experienced and qualified training team delivers both in-person and remotely. Take a look at our range of training courses below.

Eddistone remain able to deliver our range of emergency management training and support services either face to face or remotely. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.

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Emergency and crisis management training courses

Our certified training courses address all levels of emergency and crisis management and can be delivered face to face or online. Our range of training courses includes:

Operational level

–  Site Incident Controller (SIC)
–  Emergency Response Team (ERT) training
–  COMAH awareness for non-technical staff

Tactical level

–  Site Main Controller (SMC)
–  Incident Management Team (IMT) training
–  Tactical Coordination Group (TCG) liaison
–  COMAH Care Teams and Call Centres
–  Relative Response Team (RRT)
–  Media Response Team (MRT)
–  Tactical Management Response (TMR)
–  Loggist / scribe training

Strategic level

–  Strategic team training
–  Crisis leader and facilitator training
–  Magic command and control
–  Scenario planning
–  COMAH awareness for accountable executives

Competency assurance

We have unique emergency and crisis management competency frameworks that cover all levels of an organisation, including COMAH roles and responsibilities. Our frameworks allow us to map the training needs of a team to identified competencies, after which we develop training schedules to address these training needs. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.