Our team

Our beginnings

Our skills are founded on real life experiences in managing and responding to emergency situations.  Our core staff have been providing specialist Emergency Support since 1984, managing dynamic situations in high risk environments and predominantly operating within critical safety limits. From these fundamental beginnings, Eddistone Consulting staff now work at all levels of global entities.  The Eddistone team is a first class team, we work hard and when the opportunity presents take time out together, for example: some of the team completed the 3 peak challenge together in September 2016.


Our Quality system helps us to manage our company output to the highest standards.  We share excellence material internally throughout the company and have clear methods for validating new material and adopting new and different techniques


We each pride ourselves on high quality training standards; our QMS process ensures we maintain the highest standards at all times; imparting key knowledge and developing the skills of our audience to the best of their ability.

Driving Best Practice

Taking the best of our experience, we have driven and helped define competencies for response leaders.  We have adopted these training standards in our own facility and in the accredited courses we run

Subject Matter Experts

Our staff have on many occasions been engaged by other Crisis Management ‘providers’ as Subject Matter Experts, this gives us reason to claim to lead on proven methods of response.  Some of our tools are (c) copy-written, because they work so well.

Complementary Services

We are clear what our strengths are; we know what where our limits are and what others do better.  Eddistone Consulting has established links with companies who provide complementary services such as Media Training.