Preparing documents and facilities for response

It is true to say that the Eddistone team have seen their fair share of situations, they know what works and what doesnt.

We know why people don’t read documents, so we don’t write them .


Our authors have written and developed aide memoires, response plans and guidance documents for all situations, arrangements and response teams, helping create or update plans to match the need.  We understand preparedness and the key elements needed to be compliant.  We also understand that documents are not read during emergencies, we precis and focus info for this role

Our portfolio includes documents for;

  • Operational emergency response – both technical and non-technical
  • Operational emergency support
  • Business and crisis management

and documents for;

  • Link and bridging to contractors
  • Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Evacuation
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and security
  • Role specific aide memoires


Setting up facilities can be expensive without prior knowledge.  Simplicity and functionality are key to getting it right.  There are many ways of achieving a workable solution but finding the best option will usually absorb resources, time and money.  Based on our experience, Eddistone can assist with these decisions, therefore mitigating these losses and more-than offsetting our the cost of our involvement.

We have been involved with;

  •     Emergency control centres
  •     Support team facilities including Incident management and crisis eam rooms
  •     Emergency support team facilities
  •     Training rooms
  •     Multi use facilities
  •     Evacuation reception arrangements

We have developed our own unique tool for managing any level of a response.  As a result we often produce magnetic wall boards for our customers.