Exercises and simulations

We deliver over 100 exceptional ‘Gold standard’ exercises and simulations annually. We use recognised delivery techniques alongside innovative and creative learning methods and technology. This means we obtain maximum value from our time with clients, with qualified teachers among our team we have developed an innovative and hugely successful learning methodologies.

The benefits of externally facilitated exercises are;

  • You concentrate on the aims, not the facilitation
  • Not diverting or burdening the workforce
  • Best practice methodologies
  • Expert facilitation
  • Access to a range of best practice tools
  • Engagement in a Safereality exercise environment
  • Specialist exercise equipment
  • Consultant led coaching and mentoring
  • External benchmarking and reporting


  • We will always try to create bespoke scenarios for maximum buy-in and engagement
  • We challenge exercise players who say ‘in reality i would’…
  • We will always try to coach, rather than sit back and watch errors.

A well delivered exercise can;

  • Develop new team members into competent players
  • Develop highly confident and experienced teams.

Our exercises often have some surprising other benefits, including;

  • Risk management, including Bow tie, improvement
  • Proving process safety and consequence mitigation
  • Team building
  • Inter department communication and barrier leveling
  • Risk appreciation
  • Contractor liaison and engagement

Multi Agency COMAH Exercises

Conducting a multi-agency Offsite COMAH exercise can be a huge task for an organisation to manage alone, despite best intentions, opportunities are often missed. Our experienced exercise team seamlessly deliver these exercises to a best practice model which includes options, such as:

  • Table top exercises
  • Staff awareness sessions
  • Major Accident Hazard scenario based exercise
  • Cross-sector and emergency response service team coaching and mentoring
  • Multi-agency debriefs

These options create opportunities for all attendees, as well as conducting an exercise.