Risk and Continuity


We offer two risk management perspectives

Current: We help Management teams understand their current operating, business and reputation risks, identifying how these might be better managed or tolerated; creating appropriate management and response arrangements if necessary.

This risk management process should be conducted every 6 months, and after any significant change in business

Ahead: We facilitate horizon scanning workshops,after a crisis, most organisations identify leading indicators that they could have detected, which might have warned them of the crisis.

We help you to systematically scan your risk information for indicators of potential crisis.


Business Continuity is the critical process of recovering business activity as efficiently as possible and is a regularly misunderstood area.  Our approach is to provide meaningful impact analysis based on your value chain by engaging with all business stakeholders, we look at the potential situations and identify critical points of failure.  We then help to derive prevention and planning paths to restore normal business as soon as possible.

Business continuity doesn’t have to be left on a ‘difficult’ pile.

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