x Preparing teams

We work with teams all over the world with a range of different response systems and regulations.  Fundamentally each level of response has a functional role. We have copyright tools which help these teams complete their tasks efficiently and with competence.  Some of our customers have even adopted our tools for ‘normal business’.


We work with control room and shift teams who deliver the operational response role.

We deliver training onsite to coach and mentor skills and experience, bespoke to your site.

We often couple this with upgrading emergency plans to reflect best practice.

Incident Management

The level 2 team need skill, knowledge and experience to provide support to the scene and deal with issues that cannot be managed by the ERT.

We fully understand the NCEMA, ICS, JESIP response models but also teach a ‘lean-team’ model which is appropriate for the UK and Europe hazard management regulations (COMAH & SEVESO)

Crisis Management

Using skills already present at senior leader level, we encourage a functional processes for the Crisis Management Team to oversee and protect reputation and standing.

This includes both crisis and reputation strategy deployment.

With effective coaching and high value facilitation, our customer strategic teams are superior and effective in this critical role.

Training courses

Our sister-site ‘The Response Academy’ has accredited courses for a range of skills, teams and team members.