24/7 and longer term support

Our Response Service gives added professional capacity to your organisation during your response to help manage and deliver your required obligations.

We currently support COMAH site operators with Crisis Management Response Services, our support allows these teams to deliver their Public Information Zone (PIZ) responsibilities

Immediate support:

  • A 24/7 Duty Manager
  • Information enquiry service  for relatives, residents and media using UK based 08000 and 08448 numbers on your behalf.  We filter these calls for you so you only focus on the priority issues
  • Media monitoring to report on social media activity and highlight impact
  • Communication Consultants who help you create manage and deliver your messages
  • Crisis management Consultants who bring capacity and experience to your team

Secondary support:

  • Any Humanitarian considerations will last long after the emergency has finished
  • Reputation doesn’t mend itself,  we are here to help, it is what we do and what we do is effective
  • Business recovery specialists from our team who will help you recover and implement high value recovery strategies and plans
  • Longer term follow-up support if required, for example inquiries and subsequent public events
  • Workshops for Learning lessons and identifying improvements

We believe our response support is:

Reliable and effective

Matched to your needs

Tried, tested, with you

Trained to identified competencies

Delivered to our best ability

More cost effective than in-house options

Better developed and practiced than in-house options

Our Response process is exercised at least six times per year, during which we take the opportunity to work with our customers or be part of an exercises