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Incident Management Team – Beyond regulatory compliance

Organisations need to know there is a consistent high level of Incident Management Team (IMT) capability in place, ready to respond should an emergency situation occur on site. The link between a successful tactical-level response and positive outcomes for the organisation is easy to see. [...]

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Emergency Response Team – Refresher training prevents skills fade

It is widely accepted that the on-shift Emergency Response Team (ERT) needs regular training and exercises to keep skills fresh and maintain capability to assure regulatory compliance. The best organisations use a systematic approach to ERT training, backed up by accurate record keeping to facilitate [...]

By |2020-11-26T10:00:17+00:0026th November 2020|emergency management|0 Comments

Crisis management is productive – Crisis simulations

There is an adage that crisis simulations are the second-best way to prepare (the best being a real crisis). However, we’d like to challenge this: too often we’ve seen leaders disengage because they have recently been through some kind of incident and feel the crisis [...]

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Incident Management Team – Competency assurance and maintenance

Organisations invest heavily in training. The 2020 CIPD report on learning and skills at work shows that organisations recognise the need to improve capabilities not only to meet business priorities but also to develop their people in key management roles. These drivers are clearly visible [...]

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Works well under pressure

Working under pressure is one of the most important aspects of emergency management. The immediate response to a major emergency event happening on site often determines the success or otherwise of the eventual outcomes. Paradoxically, when people are faced with sudden, unexpected situations, they don’t [...]

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