Whether you are looking to create a comprehensive emergency management plan, develop your emergency management and preparedness or take business continuity to the next level, we have something to meet your needs. And what we do is different from other providers, on a number of levels.

Our people

Our people are some of the best in the business. With over 200 years of combined experience from a broad range of commercial, public sector, military and emergency services backgrounds, our people have the right level of knowledge and experience to deliver engaging, immersive operational-, tactical- and strategic-level training and exercises in any industry context.

Evidence-based practice

We use auditable evidence-based methods to assess performance and transfer of learning. We do this to inform the development journey across individual, team and organisational levels. Our sophisticated approach means you not only get a clear view of the return on investment in developing your people and increasing performance in their roles, but also a defensible position as an organisation in terms of demonstrable investment and capability development.

Thorough evaluation

We take great care to evaluate performance at both the individual and organisational levels using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods that link feedback to development and maturity models. Our evidence-based approach to learning and development is informed by professional teachers and psychologists with significant experience in these areas. This means you can be assured of our clear focus on enabling the development of your people and organisation. We believe our emergency and crisis management training programmes are the best available for both regulated and non-regulated industry.


And finally, one of the most significant factors making us stand out from other training providers is our accreditation. Our training courses are accredited by the Joint Oil Industry Fire-fighting Forum (JOIFF) and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and our course content is aligned to the requirements of the UK COMAH regulations. This means that by working with us you get a level of quality-assurance that goes beyond a simple ‘tick-box’ approach to training. We pride ourselves on delivering real competence development for your people.