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We help you address all the Resilience Rs: from understanding Risk, through Readiness, support during Response and Recovery, to Review. We will help you position emergency management in the context of the organisation’s risk management effort. We recognise that sometimes you need a single intervention and sometimes you need help with a larger programme of work.

We want to make the money you spend on emergency management do more with less. For this reason, we help you find the most cost-effective solutions and give you the assurance that they will be effective in the long-term. We help you demonstrate value delivered as a result of programmes of work, often using our proprietary competence frameworks and maturity models.

Our consultants have many years of experience, both in-house and outsourced; public and private sector. They are often trained coaches and facilitators and use sophisticated methods, including psychometric instruments, to work on crisis leadership and team dynamics. We also support a number of clients in live situations. Take a look at our consultancy offering below.

Eddistone remain able to deliver our range of emergency management training and support services either face to face or remotely. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.

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Emergency and crisis management consultancy options

We offer a variety of consultancy options that address emergency and crisis management issues using the five Rs: Risk, Readiness, Response, Recovery and Review. Our range of consultancy options includes:

–  Programme management
–  Crisis risk radar
–  Crisis leader and facilitator training
–  Crisis communications
–  Crisis maturity review
–  COMAH compliance and planning
–  Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
–  Corporate Risk Frameworks
–  Contingency planning
–  Value chain analysis
–  Live crisis facilitation
–  Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
–  Training Needs Analysis
–  Development of Policy, Standards and Procedures
–  Planning response facilities