Preparing for action

The recipe for top-level team performance continues to be the focus of research and development programmes in business, sport and military contexts across the world. Combining a group of individual capabilities to create a team capability is a function of many factors including group behaviour, team decision making, biases and the effects of stress.

Consider a situation where an organisation is faced with a protest group outside their site main entrance and the demonstration is related to the business of the organisation. Navigating a successful strategic-level crisis management response will be influenced by team interactions and factors such as communication and role clarity, just as much as the practicalities of preparing media statements and briefing stakeholders.

Developing team capability

It therefore follows that team capability is a blend of individual capability and effective interactions. This is a key point and for teams made up of distributed specialists and cross-functional experts it means the focus on interactions is more important than ever. Add to this the fact that teams are rarely static and it is easy to see why it’s so important to develop both individual capability and team working skills for a successful crisis management response. The best organisations we’ve seen have multidisciplinary teams made up of highly capable people, using robust processes and encompassing a broad diversity to guard against bias.

High performance teams

We use a proven systematic approach that moves team capability for crisis management to the next level. A core concept of our approach is to blend individual capability with techniques for effective team performance to build a high performance team. This means you are more adaptable as team members change. Our strategic-level crisis management training and exercises bring credibility and reality to the experience and you develop your team capability in a safe environment where real learning takes place.

Simulations and exercises

We help you evolve your crisis management team capability and preparedness with actions targeted at different levels and developmental needs. Our services range from tabletop exercises and introductions for those recently stepping up to the crisis management team to immersive crisis management simulations and that are designed to test and validate your crisis management plans. We give you the assurance of emergency and crisis response capability for your people and a clear route to compliance for your organisation.