A new centre of excellence

Now in 2022 we are launching a new centre of excellence for emergency, incident and crisis response. Many of our regulated industry customers have been asking us to run open courses to develop their people in core response roles necessary for regulatory compliance. We have developed the National Response Academy concept to address these needs.

Emergency management courses

Whether you are looking to create a comprehensive emergency management plan, develop your emergency management and preparedness or take business continuity to the next level, we have something to meet your needs.

We have taken our quality-assured, accredited training courses and made them available at hub UK locations. We are using innovative, tech-enabled, experiential learning to deliver what we believe are the best available packages for regulated and non-regulated industry.

Courses will include:

• Site Incident Controller accreditation and re-accreditation
• Site Main Controller accreditation and re-accreditation
• Incident Manager (non-accredited)
• Incident Management Team (full team)
• TCG (Silver) Liaison
• COMAH awareness for accountable Executives
• Crisis Leader and Facilitator

Competence development

Our customers in both the regulated and non-regulated sectors need to know their people are competent in the key emergency management roles, have up-to-date emergency management plans in place and the assurance that they will be successfully deployed and utilised in the event of an emergency.


Our training courses are accredited by the Joint Oil Industry Fire-fighting Forum (JOIFF) and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) with course content being aligned to the requirements of the COMAH regulations. We use auditable evidence-based methods to assess performance and transfer of learning. This means you get a defensible position as an organisation and demonstrable return on investment in the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your people.

Next steps

If you want to improve emergency management and preparedness in your organisation get in touch now and book a place on a course at the National Response Academy. Courses are conducted at our facilities in Reading and Leeds, or alternatively at your site location. See our website for locations and availability.

The National Response Academy emergency management courses give you the assurance of emergency response capability for your people and a clear route to compliance for your organisation.

Get in touch and start a conversation with the National Response Academy.