Emergency Response Team (ERT) Processes

A successful operational-level response relies on a competent and effective Emergency Response Team (ERT). Shift teams in the COMAH sector need to be prepared to respond to emergencies 24/7 with a consistent level of response capability across every shift. When something unexpected happens on site, [...]

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Incident Management Team (IMT) Leadership

A successful tactical-level response relies on an effective Incident Management Team (IMT) leader. The IMT takes a ‘whole-site’ perspective to emergency management – a demanding brief – and the role of leader is pivotal to the outcome. The IMT needs to quickly understand the scale [...]

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Eddistone Consulting – our blended approach to training and exercising

A year on: lessons learned Around a year ago we committed to supporting clients with emergency management support throughout this pandemic, wherever possible. Not all clients have taken up our offer, but we have continued training and exercising for several, throughout. In fact, we have [...]

Real competence development, not just ‘tick-box’ training

Real competence development relies on maximising training transfer - the degree to which people apply the knowledge, skills and experience from the training context back to their job. A good level of training transfer is essential if organisations are to obtain value for money from [...]

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Remote training to maintain regulatory compliance

Organisations in the COMAH sector need to know there is a consistent high level of emergency response capability in place, ready to respond should an emergency situation occur on site. Rapid action to protect people, environment and assets is vital to manage the situation and [...]

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Crisis Management is career-defining – Live crisis facilitation

In an ideal world, you’ve been exercising your crisis team for years; team members know each other well, they follow a process fluently and understand the full range of risk scenarios. You have practised activation, use of information sharing and communications systems; you have slick [...]

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Incident Management Team – Beyond regulatory compliance

Organisations need to know there is a consistent high level of Incident Management Team (IMT) capability in place, ready to respond should an emergency situation occur on site. The link between a successful tactical-level response and positive outcomes for the organisation is easy to see. [...]

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Emergency Response Team – Refresher training prevents skills fade

It is widely accepted that the on-shift Emergency Response Team (ERT) needs regular training and exercises to keep skills fresh and maintain capability to assure regulatory compliance. The best organisations use a systematic approach to ERT training, backed up by accurate record keeping to facilitate [...]

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Crisis management is productive – Crisis simulations

There is an adage that crisis simulations are the second-best way to prepare (the best being a real crisis). However, we’d like to challenge this: too often we’ve seen leaders disengage because they have recently been through some kind of incident and feel the crisis [...]

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Incident Management Team – Competency assurance and maintenance

Organisations invest heavily in training. The 2020 CIPD report on learning and skills at work shows that organisations recognise the need to improve capabilities not only to meet business priorities but also to develop their people in key management roles. These drivers are clearly visible [...]

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