A year on: lessons learned

Around a year ago we committed to supporting clients with emergency management support throughout this pandemic, wherever possible. Not all clients have taken up our offer, but we have continued training and exercising for several, throughout.

In fact, we have learned some valuable lessons, which, we believe make our offer more compelling than ever. We have fine-tuned our remote capability and worked out optimum solutions for a blended approach – physical and remote interventions that give you, the client, maximum value.

We recognize that some clients face a backlog of training and exercising. We want to help you regain full competence across critical roles as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.

To give an idea of the range of work we have been conducting for clients under lockdown in 2020 and 2021, here are three examples:

Large-scale, multi-agency exercises

To comply with the three-yearly requirement to exercise the COMAH plan at a LNG terminal, we delivered a multi-agency exercise with just one consultant coordinating on-site and five others facilitating remotely. This minimized personnel numbers in line with COVID controls, while maintaining high levels of coaching support to all teams.

Site Main Controllers (SMC) training

We split out various phases of this mandatory training package so that nearly all subject matter could be delivered remotely. We found participants preferred delivery in shorter segments (and schedulers found it less disruptive to shift patterns). The assessment phase has been postponed until restrictions ease, presenting an opportunity to refresh participants prior to assessment and allow them to reflect, bring practical experience and ask questions for clarification.

For Site Incident Controllers

In some cases, we have delivered some theoretical training to SIC and Site Forward Controllers (SFC). However, we advise clients that these operational roles should receive training on the ground with a trainer physically present on-site to complete their competence development.
These examples of blending remote and physical presence are even more powerful when a follow-up intervention is scheduled. This reinforces learning by spaced repetition and enables participants to reflect on learning and how they apply it in their workplaces.

Other services

Throughout 2020-21 we have maintained a range of scenarios, describing potential COVID outcomes. Some clients have used these as a basis for tabletop exercises as they prepare for a return to work.
We have also conducted Root Cause Analysis and Contingency Planning for clients. In all cases this work has been conducted remotely, with expert facilitation and appropriate use of technology.

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